Top FC articles published this month (June)

These were the most popular FC articles published for the month of June. All of these currently has more than 10,000 views each, and are still trending really well, which is fantastic!

1. 5 Anime to Watch If You Love ‘Cowboy Bebop’ - Zuleika

2. Celebrating LGBTQ Characters in Comics - Graham Host
This one was repromoted from last year but it performed really well coinciding with Pride month.

3. 4 Villains Who Could Be in the ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel - Joseph Wilbur

4. How ‘Steven Universe’ Helped My Family Accept Me & the LGBTI+ Community - Carlos Rivera
This was Carlos's first article with us and one of the first of the new Origin Story series.

5. ‘Attack on Titan’ Will Return for a 3rd Season - Zuleika

Anime continues to perform well with two entries in our monthly top 5, and it's great seeing LGBT stories getting a good boost too. Interesting to see a couple of comic book-focused articles in the top 5 too.

Great job, everyone!