Welcome! The FANDOM Contributor program gives fans of all fandoms the opportunity to write about their passions. Whether it's games, TV, movies, books, comics, music or anything else you can't stop yourself from sharing with the people around you (whether they like it or not), we give you the chance to share it with the world.

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Not sure if writing for FANDOM is for you? We offer a whole host of perks to our wonderfully diverse array of contributors that may include:

  • Instant visibility and promotion for your work
  • Professional editorial support and guidance
  • Attending major events like San Diego Comic-Con or E3
  • Interviewing your favorite stars and creators



Our FANDOM Contributors write about a wide variety of topics ranging from your favorite video games to hot new TV releases. FC applicant Branden Johnson recently wrote about the life lessons he learned from playing Final Fantasy. Read Branden's article 5 Life Lessons I Learned from Final Fantasy.

7 Tips to Improve Your Writing!

7 Tips to Improve Your Writing!


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