In your article, link out a minimum of 3 times, including at least one link to a related FANDOM wiki or article. Ideally, all links should go to related FANDOM wikis or articles, but sometimes these aren’t available and other links are required. 

What to Link to

  • Quotes from other publications
  • Lesser-known characters
  • More obscure references
  • References from other source material that isn't directly related to the topic you're writing about
  • Specific moments that a casual viewer/player may not know

You only need to add the link once per topic or reference. For example, if you link to the Game of Thrones dragon, Rhaegal in your first paragraph, any additional mentions of that dragon do not also need the link added.


In an article about the latest Star Trek movie:

Link to Link not needed
Kelvin timeline Spock
USS Bradbury USS Enterprise

In a Doctor Who article discussing the various incarnations of The Doctor:

Link to Link not needed
Wilfred Mott Tenth Doctor
Transdimensional engineering TARDIS