Listicles are trickier and more work than they appear on the surface, but they can also be a lot of fun! You’re welcome to add gifs, images, videos, or whatever you think brings your listicle alive, so, for the most part, remember to just have fun with it!

Listicle Guidelines

Here are some guidelines for writing listicles for FANDOM. Listicles need to be:

  • A minimum of five entries long
  • Include an image, video, or gif for each entry
  • Include at least a few of the most obvious choices. Preferably, these obvious or popular entries would be toward the top - essentially, you’re earning the right to go obscure rather than losing your reader by leading with your most obscure choice
  • Not numbered in the main body of the text unless you argue that the order is relevant for some specific reason (your personal preference is not a reason) that wouldn’t be clear without numbers
  • Equally written about as each other entry. As pointed out in the ‘Body’ section, one entry with several paragraphs but the next with a few sentences looks like one probably doesn’t deserve to be there.
  • Not too long. A listicle is meant to be a fun, bite-sized representation of your idea, so don’t bog it down with too much information. If it requires a back story, consider whether it deserves to be on the list or if an article that covers just this topic would be a better choice.

If you’re interested in honing your listicle skills even further, this article is a great guide for how to approach writing them.