What to Expect

After you have submitted your pitch, the Editorial team hunker down in our Bat Cave (yes, we actually have a Bat Cave in the office!) to discuss and schedule all of our upcoming content.

  • Should your pitch be successful, we will get in touch with you and share any feedback our team felt you should know before you start writing.
  • If we like your pitch but feel that it needs some more thought and polish, we’ll let you know what we feel it’s missing and invite you to resubmit it once you’ve addressed our feedback.
  • If the pitch isn’t right for us, we will contact you and we will let you know why. Sometimes it will be simply because another writer is already in the process of writing the article, but often it’s because the pitch hasn’t met several of our outlined criteria or the tone or subject matter isn’t quite right for our audience.

Accepted Pitches

If your pitch gets the green light, now is the time to get writing! This is the fun part, the part where you get to be creative and let your personality, expertise, and opinions shine. Remember to focus on highlighting your perspective and your point of view. Feel free to add quotes, social media, videos, or whatever you think gives your article the power to connect with your audience. Consider the article you’d like to read about and share with your friends and create the masterpiece that only you could write.

On our end, when your pitch has been greenlit, we will assign a member of the Editorial team to work with you on your piece from start to finish. Should you need any assistance, find yourself stuck, afflicted with a bad case of writer’s block (it happens to the best of us!), further brainstorming, or advice on your piece, this person is your point of contact and will guide you as best they can. Alternatively, you can always reach out to our team via email.

Accepted Pitches Are No Guarantee of Publishing

Fan Contributors should also be aware that having your pitch accepted is not a guarantee that your article will be published. Our Editorial team are under no obligation to publish your article if:

  • It doesn’t meet our quality standards
  • It doesn’t match the proposed pitch
  • It didn’t meet a prescribed deadline and our team weren’t notified in advance
  • We find any part of it is deliberately false, plagiarized, or could be viewed as offensive
  • Any other reason the Editorial team deems appropriate

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